Monday, June 19, 2006

Mission statement

I love Austin, just love it. There are about a million things I love about this town, however, fashion just isn't really one of them. Most Austinites will wear flip flops and shorts whether they're headed to the opera or headed to the pool, and that bothers me. 6th Street nightclubs shouldn't have to make a dress code in order to get people not to wear ripped up jeans. Local stores hold fashion shows, but really folks, I can count on one hand the number of designers from this town and most of the stores here just pull stuff off the rack and send it down the runway. The Statesman's Jean Scheidnes and The Chronicle's Stephen Moser will write fancy pants articles from their big fashion galas, but every week I'm surprised they still have enough material to keep writing columns.

All that said...when Austinites do dress well, they dress very well. This is a city with such a variety of styles, from rockabilly to hippie to western to DIY. I don't believe fashion is handed down from the runways to the people, I believe it's stolen from the people and put on the runways. A person's style is molded out of their childhood, their fantasies, their surroundings....their style is uniquely them. This is Austin's style.

Please bear with me as I develop this blog and try to capture the full spectrum of Austin's style. In the future I'll be adding short interviews with those I photograph. If you have any suggestions as to a place where all the stylish people hang, then let me know, and that's where I'll be. Enjoy.